Business Advice

The following persons at the Oulainen Business Development Centre will serve you regarding business advice:

- Jarmo Soinsaari, Business Development Manager, tel. +358 44 4793208
- Sirpa Nevanperä, Development Engineer, Valmiina Project, tel. +358 40 8420704

You can find all the basic information needed for entrepreneurs at Guide - Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland.pdf, 1925 kb You will find guides, workbook and calculation programs for taking care of the planning, financing, establishing as well as of the financial and marketing work. In addition the business interpreter contains a comprehensive file of forms for helping the entrepreneur. It is worthwhile to visit the pages.

Hanhikivi Guide (Nuclear power)

For issues related to financing and other such advice, visit the following sites: Small loans, investment loans, business loan, guarantees, export warrantees, etc. Development aid, Prostart, Start money, Preparation money, Transportation support, etc… Support and loans for research and development work, internationalization etc… Investment, development, and start-up support, project support etc… Helps in internationalization Free phone advice for members, godparent business… : Entrepreneur interviews, expert advice… Guides in practical issues in establishing a company, ownership transfer… Information and news for those interested in entrepreneurship. Information on registering your company and product protection Foundation for promoting inventions and development

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