Children’s Daycare

The main objective of child care in daycare is to support the homes of the children in raising the children. We want to work together with the homes to promote the child’s development in a variety of ways securing the child’s physical development, guiding his/her social development and giving the child the necessities for mental development.

We offer high quality daycare opportunities in groups in family home care, daycare centres, and family daycare. Oulainen also has private daycare centres. We can arrange a daycare place for your child, quickly if necessary.

The daycare office is located at Lautatarhankatu 7 A.

Contact info:
Daycare Director Marja-Leena Leinonen, tel. +358 44 4793287
e-mail marja-leena.leinonen(at)

Daycare manager Reetta Lievonen, tel. +358 44 4793286
e-mail reetta.isokangas(at)

  • Town of Oulainen - Oulaistenkatu 12, 86300 Oulainen -Tel. +358 8 47931 (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm) - e-mail kaupunki(at)