Oulainen for culture and events

The town of Oulainen offers its residents and visitors a wide range of cultural services. Culture premises include the library, Art Gallery Väinölä (pdf, 178 kb) and a movie theater.

Listening to and playing music is versatile and of high quality. The singers of the Oulainen Youth Choir, established in 1972, are mainly from the comprehensive and high schools in Oulainen. The choir sings a wide range of music. The choir has sung a lot of new music, most recently, music of several contemporary Finnish composers as premiers.

The National Wintage PoWer Day are held in the summer, and the autumn’s highlight is the Oulainen Music Week. The Oulainen Music Week has been organized yearly since 1986. The concerts offer music for listeners of all ages. The concerts have musical vibration, a broad spectrum of emotion and high class performances from local and national levels. Many top artists and bands from around Finland are involved. The event is a part of the Finland Festival series.

Oulainen has active association work.

Minna Vilenius is director of education and cultural, tel. +358 44 4793240,
e-mail minna.vilenius(at)oulainen.fi.

The office is located at Lautatarhankatu 7 B.

  • Town of Oulainen - Oulaistenkatu 12, 86300 Oulainen -Tel. +358 8 47931 (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm) - e-mail kaupunki(at)oulainen.fi