Pleasant free time

The rapids scenery labels the beautiful town centre of Oulainen. It is easy to walk down to the river shore to see the river nature. The Pyhäjoki River has the ideal grounds for canoeing and recreational fishing. The Pyhäjoki River is a river for salmon. The “big one”, a nearly 20 kg salmon was caught in the river, which you can now admire in the library. In addition to fishing and canoeing in Pyhäjoki River, you can also spend time at Piipsjärvi, where you can take a dip in the lake, summer or winter.

The forests surrounding Oulainen have great recreational possibilities. In the nature, you can pick mushrooms, berries and go hunting.

The town of Oulainen has a wide variety of culture and exercise services. You can enjoy high class music in many ways, playing, singing and listening.

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