Warm hearted geriatric care

Most of the elderly in Oulainen live at home. Living at home is supported with different forms of home care. Neighbors also take care of each other and no elderly living alone is left alone.

When it is time to move away from your home, the Rantakartano service centre can offer you a place to live. For those who can still manage at home, the day centre at Rantakartano offers a place to visit, to have lunch, and to wash up. The day centre also has barber, hairdresser and other treatment services.

The elderly people living in Oulainen are active people. It is seen in the active work of the pension association. There is also a school of domestic economy for senior citizens at the Oulainen Vocational College, where food is prepared and eaten together.

Values of geriatric work in Oulainen!

Dignified life
Supporting working order

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