Information for library users

We serve all - children, young people and adults. There is a library in every Finnish municipality.
The use of a library is free.

A library contains a wide range of different materials:
· textbooks
· novels, poetry and other literature
· picturebooks
· DVDs and videos (many branches of film, music and information)
· language courses (on CD and cassette)
· audiobooks (on CD and cassette)
· journals (newspapers and magazines)
· music (CDs and DVDs)
· plain-language books with simplified text
· easy reader books for children and young people
· sheet music
· comics
· CD-ROM programmes

In a library you can:
· read newspapers and magazines
· borrow books, music, films and other items
· use computer, scanner and printer.
·In our library there is Gameroom, where you can use Playstation 3, Xbox360 and Nindendo Wii for un hour.

Materials in different languages

Our library has materials in languages other than Finnish, such as English, Swedish, Viro, Russian and German.

Ask at the library if there is material in your own language. If not, the library orders for you from another library.

The Multilingual Library in Helsinki contains materials in many languages. This material can be sent to other libraries upon request.

How to use a library

You can visit a library to read newspapers and magazines, to search for information and books, or to use the computers. A library is a peaceful environment for reading and studying. Be considerate towards other library users during your visit.

A library’s terms of use explain how to make use of library services.

Ask the librarians for help if you need it. We will be happy to offer advice on using the library and searching for information.

Library card and borrowing

You may borrow books and other items to take home with you.

For this you will need a library card. The same library card can be used to borrow from any of the Tiekkö libraries.

Here is how to obtain your card:

Fill in the customer form available from the library

Present your passport or personal ID.

Children can be issued their own library card with the consent of a guardian.

You must have your library card with you if you want to borrow material from the library. The library card is a personal document. The owner of the library card is responsible for all materials borrowed using the card. Inform the library immediately if you lose your card or there is a change in your address.

How to borrow
·Look on the library shelves for the book or other item you wish to borrow.
·Take the item to the librarian at the loan desk
·Show your library card
·The librarian will record the borrowed item in the library computer
·You will be given a receipt showing the date by which the item must be returned

Loan period

The loan period for books (including audiobooks) is generally four weeks. Music and DVDs are loaned for a shorter time.

You will always be given a receipt when you borrow items from the library. The receipt shows the date by which the item must be returned. You do not need your library card for returning items. If you return an item late, the library will charge you an overdue fee.

If you need the item for a longer period, you can renew the loan:
· at the library
· over the phone
· by internet

The library materials are for all to share

Library collections are for the use of all. Look after your borrowed items carefully. If an item borrowed using your card is damaged or lost you must pay compensation.

The library online

The library internet pages are open to everyone.

The address is

Without needing your library card you can:
· investigate the materials available in Tiekkö libraries
· check whether the item you seek is on the library shelf or out on loan

Using your library card and password you can
· renew your loaned item
· check your personal borrower information, your loan or the item you have ordered
· order an item
· borrow an electronic book and download it to your computer
· you can obtain a password from the library. Passwords are only issued to those over 15 years of age.

Interlibrary loans

If your local library does not have the item you need, the library can order it from another Tiekkö library or from other libraries. Tell the librarian which item or items you need.

  • Oulaisten kaupunki - Oulaistenkatu 12 (PL 22), 86300 Oulainen - puh./vaihde: (08) 47931 (klo 9-11 ja 12-15), e-mail: kaupunki(at)