Your own home in Oulainen

Oulainen is a peaceful and cozy place to live in the clean nature and surrounded with the versatile services. Of the population, 60 % live near the town centre, where the all the services are easily reached. In addition to the town centre, Oulainen has many lively village centres, where the houses follow the river scenery.

The villages of Petäjäskoski, Matkaniva and Piipsjärvi are active communites and these villages have a great supply of lots for homes.

Most of the people in Oulainen live in detached houses. There is also a supply of row houses and block of flats for ownership or rent. The Oulaisten Amiraali Oy, owned by the town, has comfortable rental units for all the different phases of your life. For those planning on building, there are large, affordable and convenient lots that lie mostly near waterways, some near the river shore and others in the beautiful Piipsjärvi scenery. Piipsjärvi is located five kilometers from the town centre and you can follow a bicycle path all the way there.

  • Town of Oulainen - Oulaistenkatu 12, 86300 Oulainen -Tel. +358 8 47931 (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm) - e-mail kaupunki(at)