Office space and lots

The town’s business development office keeps a register of all the known vacant premises. Contact the office for more detail on premises that may be for you. The register contains premises owned by the town as well as privately owned.

You can also inform the business development manager of premises if you are looking for renters or a buyer.

Industrial halls/premises owned by the town and the renters of each:
1. Sampsankadun Yritystalo, Sampsankatu 1, Sähkö-Rantek Oy, Vilukko etc…
2. Mannerkorven kiinteistö, Oulaistenkatu 3, Painoykkönen Ky and Ojan Auto- ja Turvalaite Ky
3. Bergströmin kiinteistö/Oulasravintola, Aare-Aitta Justiina, Kodinonni, Oula-Pala, Macomtech etc…
4. Kivikankaantie 5 hall/R-Eko Steel, AM Bonus Oy
5. Kivikankaantie 7 hall/Oulasteel Oy
6. Kivikankaantie 10/Risto Lumiaho Oy
7. Kivikankaantie 14 hall/Sievin Jalkine Oy
8. Yrittäjäntie 4 hall/ AID Service Oy

There are several zoned industrial areas in the centre:
1. Kivisenkangas: business and industrial area. Next to the Highway. Cared for surroundings. It is about 70 hectares in size. Sale price of a lot range from 1 – 4 € per m2 .
2. Kintunperä: industrial area. Next to the railway. Lots 2 € per m2.
3. Ahola: Industrial area. Next to the Pyhäjoki River. Suitable for businesses that cause some environmental disturbance. Lots 1 € per m2.
4. Lammasoja: business and industrial area. Next to the railway. Surroundings somewhat cared for. Lots 2 € per m2.

The town has several alternative residential lots in the centre and in surrounding sparsely populated area. The size of the lots are from 1000 to 2000 m2 and the price ranges from 3 to 6 € per m2. For more information contact the surveyor, Revonkatu 1, tel. +358 444793262.

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