Oulainen Vocational College

Education has been provided by the Oulainen Vocational College for over 40 years. Teaching in Oulainen started in 1965 in the Oulainen Commercial College, later the School of Domestic Economy joined in 1967, and the Health Care school in 1991. Today the college’s premises are very suitable; the schools are in three separate locations near the town centre. Public transportation to Oulainen is very good; you can come here by train or by bus. In Oulainen you can easily find student housing and the students of the college have student housing places.

The Oulainen Vocational College is a modern college for 600 students in the service sector. You can study business, IT, nutrition, cleaning services and health care. The studies are focused for the youth and adults as well. In addition, our college has development activities and two sales shops Herkkuvakka and Lahjavakka. Our teaching methods are many-sided; we are actively involved in the development and use of online and multiform teaching. The most important principles and values of our work is customer focus, openness, fairness, equality, responsibility, internal and external entrepreneurship as well as continuous development and development and learning in general.

Our students have been employed well and are placed well to continue studies. According to forecasts for the future, the service sector will be short on skilled workforce and the share of service occupations in the workforce will grow. Therefore the business, IT, nutrition, cleaning services and health care sectors will have abundant number of employment possibilities. After graduation, there are also great possibilities in continued education.

Together with the vocational studies, students can study High School subjects and take the matriculation examination and thus complete a double degree. For example, in 2007 more than 20 students started the double degree program together with the Oulainen High School. You are welcome for a visit and to study at our college!

Esko Louhelainen, headmaster

  • Town of Oulainen - Oulaistenkatu 12, 86300 Oulainen -Tel. +358 8 47931 (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm) - e-mail kaupunki(at)oulainen.fi