Primary Schools

There are four primary schools in Oulainen (Jauhinkangas school, Juho Oksa school, Jokiraitti schools; the Lehtopää unit and Matkaniva unit, Petäjäskoski school and the Piipsjärvi school).

The Juho Oksa school has 3 preschool classes, the Petäjäskoski and Jokiraitti schools have each one preschool class.

Music is the subject that is most emphasized in all the schools. Highlighted music teaching begins in the 3rd grade and continues through High School. To support the added class lessons, club resources are used and we cooperate with nearby college of music.

The youth choir made up of school aged children presents concerts regularly at home and abroad and each year several stage productions are produced. Good results have been achieved in school sports also.

All schools have modern computer equipment and a central point of development is the teaching of computer usage and its utilization in teaching.

The club work of schools is active. The offering of different subjects varies yearly based on resources available. It is carried out in the form exercise, English, music, home economics, textile work, handicraft, remedial instruction, computers, fishing and preservation of game.

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