Oulainen for the youth

The youth have much to do in Oulainen.

Sports teams and organizations have many types of events.

For those youth completing comprehensive school, Oulainen has local educational programs. The Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Health Care unit is located in Oulainen. In addition to the Social and Health Care studies, the students of Oulainen Vocational College study business, nutrition and cleaning services. In addition to studying at the college or at the university of applied sciences, you can also study at the Jokihelmi Adult Education Centre.

The purpose of the Oulainen town youth services is to promote the wellbeing of the youth and to give opportunity and support of finding, maintaining and recovering their lives.

Sanna Mäyrä is the youth director, tel. +358 44 4793272,
e-mail sanna.mayra(at)oulainen.fi

The Free time office is located at Lautatarhankatu 7 B.

  • Town of Oulainen - Oulaistenkatu 12, 86300 Oulainen -Tel. +358 8 47931 (Mon-Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm) - e-mail kaupunki(at)oulainen.fi