The objective of zoning in Oulainen town is to create a positive and functioning environment, taking the natural resources and nature into consideration, promoting the building of a comfortable and multifaceted living area. The zoning takes care of developing the town infrastructure, town image and the town surroundings. The town zoning is guided by the land use and building code, national and regional goals and regional zoning. The technical service centre prepares the town plan, the zoning plan and all their modifications.

The work of the zoning unit includes providing statements planning requirement area solutions, deviation decisions, landscape work permits and review work related to building supervision. The zoning unit also takes care the content of preliminary and confirmed zoning plans including customer service, contacting parties in the preparation phase of zoning as well as the zoning clarifications needed inhabitants.

General zoning plan

General zoning plan of the town centrepdf, 4485 kb
General zoning plan of Piipsjärvi Lehtopääpdf, 2086 kb

Contact info
Technical Director
Markku Ketonen, tel. +358 44 4793250
e-mail markku.ketonen(at)oulainen.fi

Property registry clerk
Kaija Mikkola, tel. +358 44 4793264
e-mail kaija.mikkola(at)oulainen.fi

Survey Director
Jarkko Vilppola, tel. +358 44 4793262
e-mail jarkko.vilppola(at)oulainen.fi

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